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Product applications and market distribution


China :60%The international :40%

    • Cobalt is one of the few metals that are able to maintain the magnetism. The temperature at which the magnetism is lost under the heat effect is called the Curie point. The Curie point of iron is 769 degrees Celsius, and that of Nickel is 358 degrees Celsius. The Curie point of Cobalt is up to 1150 degrees Celsius. The coercive force of magnetic steel containing 60% of cobalt is 2.5 times higher than the common magnetic steel.

    • Tool steel containing a certain amount of cobalt can significantly improve the wear resistance and machinability of steel. Cobalt combines other metal carbide grains in the alloy composition, so that the alloy can have higher toughness and reduce the sensitivity to shocks. If this kind of alloy is welded on the surfaces of parts, it can prolong the life the parts by 3-7 times.

    • In recent years, countries around the world have been vigorously promoting the development of the new energy industry; the lithium power battery is the mainstream of power batteries. As the cathode material for lithium-ion batteries, cobalt has a broad market prospect.

    • At present, nearly 40% of the consumption volume of cobalt is occupied by the materials of rechargeable batteries, such as, the lithium cobalt oxide used for lithium ion batteries, the alkylene oxide cobalt for nickel-hydrogen batteries, etc.

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